Welcome to THE utah dept of chemistry Synthesis Club Website! 

The University of Utah synthesis club was started in January 2017 to facilitate an open dialogue amongst the different organic groups in the University of Utah chemistry department. The synthesis club provides students a platform to hone their presentation skills and get exposure to relevant synthetic topics outside the focus of their research project(s). Presentations can be either informal or formal, depending on the presenters chosen talk length and presentation format, discussions are encouraged. As a student-run organization, all chemistry graduate students and postdocs with an interest in learning about and discussing various organic synthesis topics are welcome to attend. Professors are also welcome to attend and participate! Meetings consist of two components and proceed in the following order:

  1. Seminar on a topic relevant to organic synthesis (~20 - 40 min)

    • Seminars can be informal (20 -30 min) or formal (30 - 40 min)​​​

  2. Problem set consisting of problems relevant to the seminar's focus. 


The synthesis club meets on the last Wednesday of each month at 12:00 pm in Thatcher Room 2429. The calendar for upcoming meetings is displayed below. Previous meeting files can be viewed by clicking the appropriate tab above. To sign up for the email list or to present, please send an email via the contact tab.

SYNTHEsis club calendar: 

Meetings are held at 12:00 pm in Thatcher room 2429

If you are preparing the next meeting's problem set, please use the problem set template:

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